Recumbent Bike with Arm & Hand Exercisers

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  • Assembly Required
  • All-In-One: Cardio, Stretching, and Coordination
  • Eight (8) resistance settings for users to determine the intensity of their workout
  • Arm Pulley system for arm and shoulder stretches in various angles
  • Multi-positional Hand Exerciser providing a wide range of motions
  • Weight Capacity : 350 lb
  • Consult with a licensed physician before starting any new exercise regime.
  • Item Dimensions : 59 x 25 x 85 inches
  • Material : Alloy Steel
  • Number of Resistance Levels : 8

Introducing RBE3000

Introducing the Verakare RBE3000, an innovative fitness equipment that provides total body in-home rehabilitative exercises. From cardio workouts to stretching and even coordination, this equipment includes a recumbent bike, a pulley system, and multi-positional hand exercisers for a comprehensive rehabilitative experience.
The RBE3000 features a recumbent bike which allows users to get a great cardiovascular workout while exercising their thighs, calves, and glute muscles. Unlike regular stationary bikes, recumbent bikes require less effort to balance and are more ergonomic. There’s less strain on your joints which is great for those with arthritis or joint pain. The rope and pulley system allows you to stretch both shoulders and arms in a variety of angles, relieving tension in stiff muscles and joints. The pulley wheels can swing forward and back in addition to spinning left and right to offer a greater range in motion and extension when stretching.

Innova Products Inc provides a one-year limited warranty, limitations or exclusions may apply. See Owner’s Manual for details.
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The RBE3000 also features a multi-positional hand exerciser, providing a wide range of motions for the hand and arms to help increase circulation. Users can also combine the recumbent bike workout with the hand exercisers or the pulley system to increase body coordination. As a bonus, the RBE3000 also includes a device holder for phones or tablets that allows users to incorporate technology – such as fitness apps or tele-health communication with their physician – into their rehabilitation experience. With a five-point adjustable framework, this machine can accommodate bodies of different shapes and sizes and users up to 350 lb.
The RBE3000 features thoughtful design to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, and mobility in the comfort of your own home.
Safety Information : Consult with a licensed physician before using this exercise equipment. Some medical conditions may not be suitable for use with this product.
The RBE3000 has three main workout options :

The traditional recumbent bike exercise focused on foot/leg workout.

The recumbent bike with arm/hand exercises focused on coordination.

The recumbent bike with pulley system for shoulder exercises focused on stretching.

Monitor with Device Holder

The digital monitor has 6 functions for fitness tracking: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Odometer, and Pulse. The monitor comes with a built-in holder for personal devices or aid in telehealth communication.

Multi-positional Hand Exerciser

The multi-positional hand exercisers provide a wide range of motions for the hands and arms to help increase circulation and body coordination. For extra comfort, users can position the hand exercisers in one of the three different angle settings. The handles can also be adjusted in numerous positions to help target different muscle groups when exercising.

Multi-directional Pulley System
The Multidirectional Pulley System on the RBE3000 is designed for zero-resistance ROM (range of movement exercises) to provide therapeutic stretching without pain or pressure.

8 Levels of Resistance
The resistance system allows you to work on cardio and endurance, just adjust the resistance dial to your desired setting, clockwise for a less strenuous setting or counterclockwise for added.
Pulse Monitoring System
Sensor pads on the handlebar allow the User to monitor their heart rate for User’s to observe during exercise or to consult with their physician.
Adjustable Straps
The pedals on the RBE3000 include adjustable straps to help secure the User’s feet.

Adjustable for Personalization
The RBE3000 Recumbent Bike has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lb and can be adjusted in a variety of ways to fit different body types and sizes. The main frame and the seat can be shortened or lengthened to accommodate different heights.

Handlebar & Adjustable Hand Exerciser
Rotating handlebar system allows the user to lift it for easier access when mounting and dismounting the RBE3000.
The hand exerciser can be adjusted up & down as well as forwards and backwards to the User’s preferred setting.
Large seat cushions allow for Users with a variety of body types to use the equipment comfortably.

Transportation Wheels & Leveling Dial
Built in wheels on the base tube so users can tilt the machine forward onto the wheels and roll the equipment to their desired storage area with greater ease.
If the bike is on an unlevel surface, the leveling dials on rear base tube can help offset the difference.

Great product! A+
Mrs. B
Mrs. B
Best value, great quality, fast shipping!
K. Kim
K. Kim
Great product and easy to use. This inversion table has numerous adjustments to customize it for your size. There is also a pin to set the maximum amount of inversion. I’d recommend starting at the lowest level first while you learn how to use it. Even a slight amount of inversion can feel like a lot. You can pull on the stretch bars for a little more tension. Some minor assembly is required.
Package delayed by FedEx. Item arrived undamaged during transit. If you follow directions table is easy to assemble. Used 1 time so far. I do believe inversion will help lower back pain. The table is very sturdy and easy to use.
Great seller, item as described, fast shipping.
Thomas Tran
Thomas Tran
Received quickly. Product works as it should so far. Didn't need to contact seller.
mary geigle
mary geigle
am not disappointed by my purchase or the time it arrived!
E E.
E E.
Excellent service
Chris K.
Chris K.
Haven’t opened box yet but very happy with order and delivery process.

RBE3000 Installation Guide

Upgraded Version: Installation Guidance Video DOES NOT replace Owner’s Manual or any information that can be found in the Owner’s Manual.

Learning how to use RBE3000