Air Lumbar Support

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  • Featuring an air lumbar support that allows you to control the amount of support is needed for your back
  • Six (6) position angle adjustable pin with added protective cover for easy positioning and safer inverting over strap System
  • True balance System for easy inverting with ergonomical ankle holding System
  • Improved ergonomic ankle holding System with large front holder and smaller rear holder, to alleviate the pressures on the ankle while inverting
  • Accommodates users 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in with a 300 lbs. Weight capacity
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.50 x 22.50 x 51.00 Inches
  • Sport Type: Excercise & Fitness

Introducing ITX9900
The Innova ITX9900 is a heavy duty inversion table that comes with many new features that set it apart from other inversion tables. Starting with it’s air lumbar pad that allows users to control the amount of support needed in their lumbar pad.
This model also features a large backrest pad and soft touch foam handlebars to provide a comfortable, easy inversion. But these features are just the basics. The ITX9900’s True Balance System allows each user to find their own unique center of gravity. The Six Angle Pin System allows users to trust that the ITX9900 will easily, safely, and consistently deliver on the finest inversion experience.

Innova Products Inc provides a one-year limited warranty, limitations or exclusions may apply. See Owner’s Manual for details.
Tested Products
Every Innova Health & Fitness product undergoes safety and compliance testing for quality assurance.

True Balance System – Double Adjustment Structure
The ITX9900’s True Balance System features two adjustable features, to help each individual user shape the smoothest and most comfortable inversion experience for them. The True Balance Structure can adjust the headrest pad and the height to micromanage the center of gravity.

Adjustable Air Lumbar Support to Maximize Spinal Decompression While Inverting

The Innova ITX9900 features an air pump cushion lumbar support to allow precise customization. Stretch your spinal column while inverting to maximize decompression benefits.

True Balance System

For easy inversion.

Six Position Pin System with Patented Protective Cover.

The ITX9900 features a patented protective cover for the six angle pin system and is easy to adjust. Just position the pin in the desired angle and know that your inversion position will be safe, comfortable and consistent every time.
Old tether strap systems require the user to dismount entirely and climb underneath the table to adjust and can loosen after repeated use.

Ergonomical Ankle Holding System with Extended Handle for Easier Lock and Release.

Features a longer Ankle Locking System with front and rear U-Shaped Holders for a secure, relaxed inversion.

Height Adjustment Tube

Easy to adjust to accommodate each individual’s body type (height/weight distribution).

Adjustable Headrest & Thick Backrest Pad

Headrest : Three positions to help find a more relaxing inversion.
Backrest : Padded for comfort and large to accommodate all body sizes.

Heavy Duty Steel Frame

User Settings : 4’10” to 6’6″.
Weight Capacity : 300 lb.

True Balance System with Two Adjustable Features

While most inversion tables only have one adjustable feature, Innova’s ITX9900 features two adjustable components to help each user find the optimum Center of Gravity. This True Balance system helps individuals customize their inversion table for a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Soft, Foam Handlebars

For a more comfortable grip.

Great product! A+
Mrs. B
Mrs. B
Best value, great quality, fast shipping!
K. Kim
K. Kim
Great product and easy to use. This inversion table has numerous adjustments to customize it for your size. There is also a pin to set the maximum amount of inversion. I’d recommend starting at the lowest level first while you learn how to use it. Even a slight amount of inversion can feel like a lot. You can pull on the stretch bars for a little more tension. Some minor assembly is required.
Package delayed by FedEx. Item arrived undamaged during transit. If you follow directions table is easy to assemble. Used 1 time so far. I do believe inversion will help lower back pain. The table is very sturdy and easy to use.
Great seller, item as described, fast shipping.
Thomas Tran
Thomas Tran
Received quickly. Product works as it should so far. Didn't need to contact seller.
mary geigle
mary geigle
am not disappointed by my purchase or the time it arrived!
E E.
E E.
Excellent service
Chris K.
Chris K.
Haven’t opened box yet but very happy with order and delivery process.

ITX9900 Installation Guide

Installation Guidance Video DOES NOT replace Owner’s Manual or any information that can be found in the Owner’s Manual.

Learning how to use ITX9900

Heat & Massage Extra Comfort Best Sellers Bonus Features
ITM6000 ITM5900 ITM4800 ITX9900 ITX9700 ITX9688 ITX9600 ITX9800 ITX1200 ITP1000
Heavy Duty Steel
Innova prides itself in providing high quality products made of heavy duty steel. All of our inversion tables are made for users 275 lb – 300 lb based on model.
Repositionable Pin System
6 Position 6 Position 6 Position 6 Position 6 Position 6 Position 6 Position 6 Position 3 Position 6 Position
Innova was the first to develop this Repositionable Pin System for easier and safer inverting. New models now come with a Patented Protective Cover.
Extended Handle for Ankle Holding System
Upgraded models include an extended handle for the Ankle Holding System to reduce forward bending for users with lower back pain.
Comfort Lumbar Pad
Some of our Innova inversion tables include a lumbar support for extra comfort.
Lumbar Pad Upgrade (Memory Foam or Air)
Upgraded models include either a memory foam lumbar support (such as the ITX9700) or an adjustable air support (ITX9900).
Deluxe Heat & Massage Pad
Innova was the first to develop inversion tables with heat & massage features. Enjoy soothing heat and vibrations while inverting for a truly luxurious experience.
Neck Heat and Vibration Pad
Adjustable to desired position for maximum comfort.
Straps for Ankle Relief
The ITX9800 features Patented straps to provide extra comfort for your legs, ankles and feet while inverting.
Stretch Bars
The newest model by Innova, the ITX1200, features Patent Pending Adjustable Stretch Bars to provide extended stretch at lower slopes.
Converts to Power Tower
For those fitness lovers, the ITP1000 has the ability to convert to a Power Tower with 11 exercise options, from pull ups to leg lifts.
Curved Stretch Bar
For an extended stretch. To provide additional benefits, the ITM6000 includes a curved stretch bar for users to utilize during their inversion therapy. Users can grab the stretch bar and pull to feel the additional stretch as your body decompresses.
User Settings
4’10”- 6’6”
4’10”- 6’6”
4’10”- 6’6”
4’10”- 6’6”
4’10”- 6’6”
4’10”- 6’6”
4’10”- 6’6”
4’10”- 6’6”
4’10”- 6’6”
4’10”- 6’6”
Weight Capacity
300 lb
300 lb
300 lb
300 lb
300 lb
300 lb
300 lb
300 lb
350 lb
275 lb